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Classic Jaguar Restoration 

Welcome to the Muncie Imports & Classics Restoration pages. In these pages we hope you will find the answers to all your classic car restoration questions. We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship. It is our intent that you as our customer can be proud to tell friends and acquaintances that the work done on your classic car was at Muncie Imports & Classics.

Our Jaguar restoration center is divided into three shops. Feel free to click on the appropriate button to better understand each aspect of the restoration process. You may also feel free to use the web site contact form, email or telephone to contact us.

Jaguar MK9: 1960 Cotswalt Blue/Red

1932 SSI Drop Head Coupe (DHC)

Jaguar XK120: 1953 FHC Green/Red

Jaguar MKIV: 1948 DHC Grey / Black

Jaguar XK120: 1952 FHC Blue/Red

Jaguar XK120: 1954 FHC Black/Red

Jaguar XK140: 1956 OTS White/Red

Jaguar XK140: 1956 OTS Blue / Light Blue

Jauar XK140: 1957 OTS Pearl Grey/Red

Jaguar XK150: 1958 DHC Old English White / Black

Jaguar XK150S: 1959 FHC Black/Red

Jaguar XK150S: 1960 OTS Cotswold Blue/Red

Jaguar XK150: 1960 DHC All Original

Jaguar E-Type: 1964 OTS

Jaguar E-Type: 1964 FHC Opalescent Silver Blue

Jaguar E-Type: 1964 OTS Opalescent Maroon

Jaguar E-Type: 1964 OTS - Black/Red

Jaguar E-Type: 1965 FHC British Racing Green

Jaguar E-Type: 1965 FHC Blue/Biscuit

Jaguar E-Type: 1966 OTS Black/Light Tan

Jaguar E-Type: 1967 OTS Opalescent Green / Biscuit

Jaguar E-Type: 1967 FHC Black/Black

Jaguar E-Type: 1967 OTS BRG / Biscuit

Jaguar E-Type: 1967 OTS - Red

Jaguar E-Type: 1968 OTS Blue / Black

Jaguar E-Type: 1969 OTS - Silver/Red

Jaguar E-Type: 1969 OTS - Primrose / Black

Jaguar E-Type: 1970 OTS Silver/Black

Jaguar E-Type: 1974 OTS - BRG / Biscuit

Jaguar XJS Coupe: 1984

Jaguar XJ220: 1994


1979 Triumph TR7

Austin Healey MK3000: 1967 Black on Red

Ford Model A: 1929 Pickup Black/Green

Delahaye Compitition: 1937

Buick Wildcat: 1963 Convertible

American Motors AMX: 1970 Black/Black

Ford Torino Cobra Jet: 1969 - Gold / Gold

Ford Mustang Mach 1: 1970


Car Shows: 2003 JCNA Challenge

Car Shows: Auburn

Car Shows: Cincinnati

Car Shows: Indianapolis

2007 JCNA Challenge Championship

Call (800) 462-4244 or (765) 286-4663 for more information about Jaguar restorations and other classic car restorations from Muncie Imports.

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